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About us

We started this business as we saw many challenges in the supply chain, when it came to  sourcing frankincense and myrrh from Somaliland/ Somali. Even though it’s the biggest exporter of frankincense and myrrh, the whole supply chain is fragmented. It can also be quite volatile at times, as stability is a concern hence foreign buyers stay away due to the security situation.  

There are real obstacles to accessing frankincense from the buyers’ side in need of raw materials, likewise suppliers (landowners and harvesters) don’t have access to buyers looking for the goods.

Our solution is simple to connect and facilitate seamless, value added service with CO2 extraction. 

When it comes to sourcing frankincense and myrrh the status quo can’t continue. Due to the magnitude of the problem, there is a great danger that these trees will be extinct. Our objective is, since these frankincense trees are scarce and a luxury commodity, we want to put in place measures that preserve the trees on both a short term and long term basis, so that trees can regenerate and replenish. 

Companies dealing in frankincense & myrrh (olibanum) talk a great deal about sustainability and ethicial sourcing. However, because they are not physically on the ground, it’s difficult to match words with action. 

Many of these companies themselves rely further on third party companies or agents, who operate outside of their control. What we know is that a lot of these companies look good on paper and present a good PR front but reality on the ground is very different. 

At Maal Hiil we practise what we preach. We don’t just talk the talk but we walk the walk. By being present on the ground in Somaliland/ Somalia, we have more input in practising what we preach and delivering on our promise. 

We are mission driven business with initiatives that address multiple interlinked impact areas. Our advantage and contribution addresses the following areas or pain points.

  • Secured and sustainable supply chain, when it comes to sourcing raw materials, where there is end to end visibility and transparency.
  • Value added service with supercritical CO2 extraction.
  • Increased integration of environmental and social impact objectives in corporate sustainability strategy.
  • Enhanced business reputation and standing.

Building a sustainable business does not happen overnight, it is a journey, a continuous commitment that translates into coherent strategies and consistent practices. Driven by our vision and our strong value-led corporate culture, we take on our role as partner for a sustainable future. 


To share our ancient treasure of frankincense and myrrh with the world and preserve our heritage in a sustainable manner for future generations.


To be the natural choice for premium quality frankincense and myrrh.

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